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Jovina's Masking Site

SO, exactly what is happening? The LYCOS BS continued and in November, the domain link got severed and LYCOS started to randomly delete stuff on my site. Well, space on a new host has been purchased and the move is in progress, with about 80% of the site now in its new location. And where is that? The domain registration has been repointed and you can now use again, to go directly to my new, and hopefully trouble-free home. The account here has only four days until it expires and needs to be renewed, and I am not going to do it, so it will revert to "FREE" status, which means they will randomly chop it down to size and plaster it with ads, many of which are viruses and trojans (another reason I am getting away from LYCOS). So I will start chopping away at it myself until nothing is left but this homepage directing you to the new home. The Furry link and "other conventions" link here are now gone, you can find them at the new location, and stuff will be disappearing all this week.

Jovina's masking site new home!


The move is DONE! Go to to see my site, LYCOS is being abandoned!

What's New?

February 15, 2017...The move is complete, see the notice above!

February 15, 2017... my paid subscription here has now been cancelled and will terminate on Feb. 17. At that time, the ads, complete with viruses and trojans will appear on here. If you have not started using My new address, start going there NOW before you pick up something nasty from LYCOS!

February 14, 2017... swung the wrecking ball through here and deleted 97% of the site here! If you want to continue looking at Jovina's masking site, you need to go to the new (old) link... read the left-hand column!

February 12, 2017... The site move is in progress, see the left column.