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Jovina's Masking Site
Painting a Paul Barrett-Brown mask

Recently, Marti asked me if I could strip the paint off of some PBB masks that she had and repaint them.....Well, it was certainly worth a try!  Here I show the results so far of my work.

What a blast!

Here is one of the PBB masks in my abrasive blasting cabinet.  I choose to use crushed walnut shells as a blasting media because they do have sharp edges, but are a "gentle" abrasive.  The blast cabinet is normally filled with glass beads and used for glass beading antique car parts.  In this shot, the mask is half stripped.  The walnut shells will strip off the paint because it is harder and less flexible than the latex is, and the latex suffered no damage in the process.

Getting prettier

Here is the PBB mask with the new latex/acrylic paint and the eyes and lips painted.  The lips are done with "Deviant" red latex.  The whites of the eyes are done with a latex/acrylic mix, and the iris are done with "Deviant" blue latex.  Still not quite done, there is shadow, eyebrows, eyelashes, and blush to go yet!  Click the links below for some more views!

The right side.

All gone!

Here is the same mask with all the old paint removed.  Looks a little bit different!  Click on the links below to see views of another mask with the paint stripped off.

A front view.

Right side.

Left side.

Those eyes are outstanding now!

Here is the same mask in differnet light, and with the eyes lined with black latex.  Again "Deviant" brand was used.

Nice and shiny!

Here is a different mask that I stripped with a new coat of paint.  Actually, what I sprayed on was a 50/50 mixture of latex and acrylic paint.  I used the small spray gun shown on the previous page at 50psi pressure.  The result was a little too shiny for me....a bad habit I picked up from painting cars :)  .  But I was able to dull the finish back down by giving it a second lite blasting in the cabinet.  The walnut shells did not hurt the new finish because it was flexible enought to withstand it, but it did have the desired effect of dulling it down.

Other side!

Finally, here are some detail shots of the eyes and the lips.  The eyes are still not finished here.  Click these links to see them.

The eye, before Eyeliner.

The lips!

I am planning on having this mask ready for "Mini-maskon" (your ARE going aren't you, see my info page), and there is not much left to do.  I will put up additional pictures as I finish it.