The masks in the picture:

First Row: Three vinyl female masks; gap; three Paul Barrett-Browns.

Second Row: My first home-made one, this is the one in the "Philcon" pictures; My Emeraald by Kerry; My "Baby Doll"; My repainted "She" by Don Post, used in the “Jett” pictures; My "She" by Don Post; three more Paul Barrett-Browns.

Third Row: My Paul Barrett-Brown; My Alice by Kerry; My Classic Kerry (by Kerry); My Sheila by Kerry; (slight jog forward to the earless one) a “Creative Fun” mask, they do not sell masks, belongs to Marti; My "Rue Paul"; My "Barbie"; another Paul Barrett-Brown; another of my home-made scary experiments!

Fourth Row: A "Michael Myers" by Don Post that I repainted for Morganna, another "Baby Doll; another Paul Barrett-Brown, another "Rue Paul"; "Devious Dawn" by Don Post(?), My “old crone”, another "She" by Don Post.

Fifth Row: Peg Bundy; a Steffi home-made mask; Mike Tyson (how did HE get in there?); a She mask by Don Post that I repainted for Jenn, Sheila by Kerry, another “she” by Don Post, (behind she) another Steffi home-made, (on bottle) Michelle by Kerry (no longer available),and a Rue Paul with a buzz cut!


The Paul Barrett-Brown masks are available from Marti: . There is a long lead time due to the fact that Paul only makes a limited number of them. They are made of latex and each one is custom finished to order. See

The Kerry masks are available from Kerry: . The Alice, Emeraald, Classic Kerry and Sheila are all current models, the Michelle is no longer made. They are made of latex and each one is custom finished to order. See

“She” is also known as “Michelle Myers” and “Michael Myers Girl-friend”, it can still be found and is still shown in many catalogs, but it appears to be out of production.It is made of latex.

“Baby Doll” and “Barbie” are both still around, I don’t know if they are still produced. They also are known by other names, make sure you see a picture, don’t just order by name. They are made of Latex. Mine came from “Fantasy World” in Chicago (no website).

“Devious Dawn” appears to be out of production, it is made of latex.

“Rue Paul” is also known by many other names “Supermodel”, “Superstar”, “Actress”, and is still available. It is made of Vinyl.

Peg Bundy and Mike Tyson are still common and are made of Vinyl.

The creative fun mask is not available for sale, they appear to only make them for their friends. It is made of latex.

None of the home-made masks by Jovina or Steffie are for sale.

The vinyl masks in the foreground are typical of what is available everywhere around Halloween.